Collection Refresh

cHQToolset_Icons_refreshThe EBSM Collection Refresh Tools are used to help generate additional loans from existing items. The tools are designed to ensure that the collection does not stand still, and is constantly being refreshed with titles that patrons have not seen before.

Most of the EBSM Collection Refresh Tools achieve this through the use of Evidence Based swapping.

The Collection Refresh Tools achieve the Outcome of Better Collection Relevance and Better Collection Quality.

Grubby Stock RefreshFiction / Non-FictionThis Tool finds stock that is Grubby, and locates underused matching titles held in other Libraries for possible transfer, creating an Action Plan that will refresh the condition of worn out items without resorting to purchase.
Maximizes use of existing items.
Dead Stock RefreshFiction / Non-FictionSometimes items becomes inactive because of grubby condition. This Tool creates an Action Plan for refreshing this stock through replenishment.
Maximizes replenishment of popular titles.
Dead Item RefreshNon-FictionThis Tool identifies matching overstocked subject ranges in other Libraries and produces swap Action Plans to aid stock refreshment.
Maximizes use of existing items.
Floating Item ManagementFiction / Non-FictionThis tool is for use in dynamic or floating collections.
Maximizes use of existing items.