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Healthy communities need access to inclusive library collections where patrons can find material that lets them see a reflection of themselves and celebrate the differences that drive cultural, economic and social innovation.

Yet creating and managing a collection that encompasses the wealth of human experiences can be complex and time consuming.

Introducing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Analysis

  • Analyze your library‚Äôs Fiction and Non-Fiction collections against industry accepted DEI Topics.
  • Monitor the supply of DEI content to identify gaps at a system wide and branch level.
  • Evaluate representation of diverse populations in both print and digital collections.
  • Effectively communicate diversity, equity and inclusion in your collection to stakeholders in your community.


collectionHQ customers can enjoy the benefits of this comprehensive tool as part of their collectionHQ subscription.
DEI Analysis is also available as a “standalone” tool for libraries who don’t yet subscribe to collectionHQ. Contact us to find out more.
*Retrospective conversion of library catalog to include DEI-friendly subject headlines and headings available to customers of Baker & Taylor’s BTCat.


Thank you to our DEI partner libraries!

DEI Analysis is informed by various data points from industry respected sources. To ensure optimum output, we also work closely with selected experts from collectionHQ partner libraries to support the algorithm that determines the books that should be identified as DEI. Partner libraries also help to inform enhancements to this sophisticated tool to ensure that development is truly library-led.