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Insight December 2019

This edition of Insight shares a case study from the New Orleans Public Library, explores the rise of Artificial Intelligence in public libraries, investigates how technology can be applied to support inclusion and diversity in collection development, and much more.

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Curating an Inclusive and Diverse Collection

ALA outlines that a diverse collection should include: Content in multiple formats and created by a variety of producers, including self-published and independent authors, and people in marginalized or underrepresented groups. Libraries must remain vigilant about maintaining and updating the collection to ensure resources are catalogued, labeled and displayed in the best way. Library collections … Continued

Press Release

Pop Up Library Coming Soon to UK

CHARLOTTE, N.C., September 30, 2019 – Baker & Taylor, the premier provider of books, digital content and technology solutions to public libraries, announced that its Pop Up Library product will soon be available for public libraries in the United Kingdom.

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How to Measure Success for a Better Future

What is success in a public library? It’s a complicated question that can have many answers.For example, success may be: ● A patron discovering a new author or title on the shelves ● A library system experiencing high turnover ● A library director being able to offer new community engagement programs ● Enhanced literacy in … Continued