2021 Product Review

Throughout 2021, we have been working closely with our customers to provide solutions that help libraries respond to ever changing community needs. Libraries have continued to take advantage of collectionHQ’s branch closure functionality as the COVID-19 situation develops, and our customer facing teams are providing advice on how each library can adapt these tools to their individual circumstances.

July marked a milestone in collectionHQ’s history with the release of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Analysis. Libraries can now instantly discover important information about the supply of DEI material in their collections and improve the representation of diverse communities.

This tool continues to evolve, and many significant enhancements have been introduced since its release, including:

  • Enhancements to the DEI page to offer users flexibility in how they view the analysis.
  • Indicators added to some collectionHQ Fiction and Non-Fiction action plans to highlight DEI material.
  • The addition of even more data sources for collectionHQ to identify DEI material to be analyzed.
  • The option for libraries to “self-classify” material in their collection as DEI to broaden the reach of the analysis.

In 2022, we look forward to introducing DEI Analysis to new markets and continuing to enhance the collectionHQ toolset.


Welcome, Antioch Public Library District!

Antioch Public Library District joins the hundreds of public libraries worldwide that subscribe to collectionHQ to effectively analyze detailed trends and metrics about how their collection is performing.

The library in Illinois was established in 1921 and today provides a range of services and material in a variety of formats.

The team at collectionHQ looks forward to helping the library get started with the evidence-based toolset to optimize the collection available to the Antioch community.

With collectionHQ’s action plans, librarians can take steps to improve their collection, increasing turnover and aligning the collection with local demand.


Welcome, Algonquin Area Public Library District!

collectionHQ is delighted to announce that the Algonquin Area Public Library District has subscribed to its world leading data analytics product.

The library in Illinois has been serving its community for 100 years and today circulates over 600,000 physical and digital items!

The team at collectionHQ is focused on helping AAPLD to optimize circulation of material by implementing the evidence-based toolset that will save time, maximize funds, and accelerate collection improvements.

Algonquin Area Public Library District joins the hundreds of libraries worldwide that subscribe to collectionHQ to effectively analyze detailed trends and metrics about how their collection is performing. With collectionHQ’s action plans, librarians can take steps to improve their collection, increasing turnover and aligning the collection with local demand.


Follett to divest Baker & Taylor

Westbrook, IL. Nov. 4, 2021 – Follett Corporation announced a change in ownership today of its Baker & Taylor division. Baker & Taylor, the world’s premier distributor of physical and digital books and services to public and academic libraries will now operate as an independent, privately-owned entity after a divestiture to a private investment group led by President and CEO Aman Kochar.

CEO and Follett Chairman Todd Litzsinger says, “The Follett Board of Directors, the Follett Family and I are excited for Aman and the Baker & Taylor team and cannot wait to see where they take the business. The passion and expertise the Baker & Taylor team possess will certainly translate into continued success for library customers. On behalf of the Follett family and shareholders, I would like to thank the B&T employees, publishing partners, librarians and library partners for the long and rich partnership we have enjoyed.”

Kochar says, “This is a pivotal and exciting time for Baker & Taylor. As an independent entity, we look forward to leading with our expertise and legacy and advancing our technology-based services and products.”

“Working together on a thoughtful transition, both Baker & Taylor and Follett Corporation are committed to ensuring this change is seamless for our customers, partners and team members. I want to express my sincere gratitude to the Follett Chairman Todd Litzsinger, the Follett Board of Directors and Follett shareholders for their partnership over the last five and half years.” Kochar added.

Baker & Taylor’s related businesses are moving with the sale and general operations and leadership remain unchanged. Businesses transitioning with the sale include Baker & Taylor Publisher Services, collectionHQ, Baker & Taylor UK and James Bennett.

About Baker & Taylor

Baker & Taylor has been in business for over 190 years, offering an extensive selection of products and services for academic and public libraries. It is the only partner that can truly offer a one-stop shopping experience for all formats, including print, movies and music, and digital downloadable ebooks and audio content. Visit Baker & Taylor’s online selection and acquisitions website, Title Source 360.

About Follett Corporation

Follett Corporation is one of the world’s largest sources of both physical and digital academic content and general merchandise for post-secondary institutions. Headquartered in Westchester, Illinois, Follett provides education technology, services and physical and digital content from more than 6,000 publishers to millions of students on college and university campuses with more than 2,850 physical and eCommerce collegiate retail stores in North America. Known for its inclusive access program, Follett ACCESS, Follett is changing equitable access to course materials on more than 300 campuses and growing every day.

For more information, contact:

Samantha Swick
VP, Public Relations and Campus Marketing

Baker & Taylor:
Adie Lee
Rein Communications

Whitney Bretzman
Baker & Taylor


New to collectionHQ…

We are delighted to announce that enhancements to collectionHQ’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) module are available now! This new functionality enables libraries to:

  • Identify DEI material in weeding reports for Fiction and Non-Fiction.
  • Analyze DEI material at the title level as well as by number of copies.
  • Switch between counts and percentages by DEI topic to easily identify the proportion of your collection that is diverse.
  • Ensure that the supply of DEI material is regularly evaluated by scheduling reminders in collectionHQ to monitor those collections.
  • Grant selected users permission to exclude titles from the DEI Topics.

Contact your collectionHQ representative for more information about this exciting release.