Halloween Stories

We’ve selected twenty of our favorite spooky tales, from classic horror novels to child-friendly scary stories. Read on if you dare…   Slappy, beware! – R.L. Stine From the twisted genius that created the Goosebumps series comes a creepy tale about the ventriloquist dummy, Slappy. This spooky creature must continually perform acts of evil or … Continued

Photograph of library shelves

What will influence your library in the future?

We’re all living through very convulsive times, with rapidly changing influences and trends impacting every aspect of our lives. The world of public libraries is no different. These trends and external forces are not all negative however, some provide fantastic opportunities to improve the service that is offered to patrons of libraries and their communities. … Continued


2022 Summer Reading List

Summer is finally here!   Using ESP we’ve compiled the definitive summer 2022 reading list, perfect for when you’re soaking up some rays on the beach, hopping on a flight to distant shores or just relaxing at home. We’ve got it all, from thrillers and mysteries to eye-opening accounts of life throughout history.   Below … Continued


Creating Community through a Diverse Collection

One of the greatest services that libraries can provide their patrons is a sense of community. They can create a physical connection by providing gathering spaces, and they can create emotional connections through their programming and collection development. That makes it all the more important for a library’s collection to be able to speak to … Continued


3 Ways to Accelerate Community Outcomes

Communities Need Libraries Libraries provide more than just books. For generations, they have served as safe havens for communities, providing resources and a place for people to gather. When COVID-19 resulted in the closure of schools and other institutions, communities turned to their local library for online events, eresources for course work, or simply someone … Continued