Meet Jill Siekman!

Jill joined collectionHQ’s Customer Success team in 2021 after working as a librarian in Collection Development and Technical Services for 10 years.

As a librarian, Jill has many favorite books, although at the top of her list currently is “Baby Beluga,” which her two-year-old loves to read with her every night!

Jill lives in Florida and her local library is the St Lucie County Library System.

Hi Jill! Can you tell us more about what you do at collectionHQ?

Before joining collectionHQ, I spent my career in different roles in public libraries, so I enjoy consulting with libraries on their workflow, helping new libraries learn how to use collectionHQ, and liaising with our product development team on making collectionHQ even better.

I love hearing about the fun projects that libraries have going on because starting projects was one of my favorite things to do when I worked in Collection Management!  And I like seeing how I can suggest collectionHQ tools to help with their new projects, too.

What tools in collectionHQ do you think are making the biggest difference to the modern library?

As a former Collection Development Librarian, the Demand tools have always been one of my favorites.  With the changing trends in publishing and what our patrons want to read, using the Dead on Arrival (DOA) report is a data-driven and powerful way to see what new material is or is not checking out and then adjust purchasing accordingly.

You have spent a lot of time in libraries! What is your happiest memory?

I grew up in a very small town and I have many memories of riding my bike to our local library and checking out books and VHS movies with my own library card.  I can even still remember my original library card number!  We were blessed with a really nice library for such a small town, with some amazing and friendly library staff that made a big impact on my life at a young age.  Reading has always been important to me, and I attribute a lot of that to not only the library but also my mother being such a good role model and modeling reading as a pastime to me.

It certainly sounds like you are happiest when surrounded by books. Tell us, what book would you like to live in?

With a busy life, I’d take an escape inside any book set in a serene location with a beautiful landscape!

And finally, what would you title your biography?

“Whispers from a Wannabe Wandering Soul”.

It sounds like a beautiful read! Thank you, Jill, for speaking with us today.

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