Meet Sandy Nisbet

Meet Sandy! Sandy joined collectionHQ eight years ago. As Senior Software Engineer, Sandy works as part of the development team to bring new library-driven features and enhancements to collectionHQ’s products.

Hi Sandy! Working in library software, we have to ask, what is your favourite book?

It’s hard to pick an all-time favourite! But recently I discovered a picture book called Houses with a Story by illustrator Seiji Yoshida, which is full of beautiful fantasy architecture sketches. I’ve left it on my coffee table and visitors can’t resist flicking through it.

What do you love most about working with libraries?

It’s rare to find a job in software that serves a public good like collectionHQ does. My previous job, creating call center software, didn’t quite give me the same satisfaction!

Tell us about your happiest memory of the library.

When I was a student, my mum worked in my university’s library. I have fond memories of stopping by to see her between lectures. And getting the occasional late fee forgiven…

How interesting to hear that your mum worked in a library! You must be very familiar with the challenges facing library professionals. What is your favourite tool in collectionHQ, and how does this help to overcome such challenges?

The new Recommended Actions feature in collectionHQ gives librarians a quick overview of everything they need to know about a chosen item in the collection, and a recommendation on what to do with it to make the collection management process more seamless. It was a tricky (but fun) challenge to work on and the feedback from users so far has made it all worthwhile.

What is one thing we would never guess about you?

I speak Japanese. Well, maybe my book recommendation gave that away. Though I did buy the English version – reading Japanese is much harder to master!

And finally, for fun, what would you title your biography?

“It’s a boy’s name in Scotland”. That’s become my catchphrase over the years…

Thanks, Sandy! It’s been a pleasure speaking with you, and we are impressed to learn that you are a linguist as well as a software developer!

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