This is the recurring ‘Continuous Improvement’ Phase of EBSM.

Throughout Consolidation, librarians will typically be happy with the targets they are working towards, comfortable with the schedule of activities that is in place to meet those targets, and will effectively be in a ‘heads down’ mode making it happen.

This is likely to be the longest EBSM Phase, which will continue until all targets are being met and maintained, and may continue indefinitely for libraries that choose not to move into the Excellence Phase of EBSM.



At the Consolidation phase it is ‘all systems go’. The most useful way to cover the Consolidation Phase in this guide is therefore to describe the regular month to month activity that librarians will carry out to actually make EBSM happen – in other words the operational management aspect of EBSM. These activities are described below.

It should be noted that all of these activities apply equally within the Acclimatization and Excellence Phases.

The regular activities that will be carried out during this Phase are:

ActivityActivity Description
Data ExtractionGetting the relevant stock use data out of the LMS into a latest data set
Data AnalysisComparing data between the most recent data set and previous data sets
Collection AdviceCreation of action plans to drive performance towards targets
Collection ActionCarrying out the work - visiting the shelves and following through on action plans