Many libraries may choose not to enter the Excellence Phase of EBSM, or may dabble around the edges of it, due to lack of resources, public spend constraints, or a general lack of appetite to put the extra resources into going the final mile – particularly in light of the high performing operation that should be in place after steady progress within the Consolidation Phase for some time.

For libraries that do take this final step however, a number of activities will be required to determine what Excellence really is, what measures need to be put in place to get there, and then make it happen.



The stages of the EBSM Excellence Phase are:

ActivityActivity description
Excellence DefinitionUnderstanding what Excellence means for the library
Excellence ConfigurationConfiguring a libraries adoption of EBSM (targets/schedules etc) for Excellence
Excellence OperationRunning with EBSM under the newly configured targets and schedules
Excellence AchievementReaching EBSM Excellence targets, and staying there