Stabilize Catalog

The EBSM Assessment Phase ends with the execution of two key stabilizing activities. These activities are mandatory EBSM steps and will provide a library with a more stable catalog from which to build steady and reliable performance improvements.

The activities are based around the tools from the Collection Maintenance stage of EBSM.

  • Collection Check
  • Catalog Maintenance

When these activities have been carried out, the catalog will be in a more accurate state to ensure that the EBSM toolset can suggest appropriate actions that are not skewed by erroneous data.

A point to note regarding Collection Check is that, while the majority of the Assessment Phase involves getting up and running for a collection (or a limited group of collections), it may make more sense for librarians to carry out a Collection Check across the whole library system as a single activity. Should staff opt to adopt Collection Check in this manner, the effect will be that future scheduling for other collections need not include the Collection Check activity.