Collection Maintnance


The EBSM Collection Maintenance Tools are designed to ensure that the library catalog is in a fit and healthy state to support the EBSM methodology. Inaccuracies with the catalog can produce erroneous results and advice within the EBSM Action Plans, as well as inaccurate performance reporting over time.

Use of the EBSM Collection Maintenance Tools below will help to eradicate or minimize the effect of this.


Collection CheckFiction/Non-FictionCreates Action Plans for checking 'On Shelf' items, to ensure that that catalogue accurately reflects the actual position.
Preparatory tool to maximize effectiveness of EBSM toolset.
Catalog MaintenanceFiction/ Non-FictionCreates ongoing regular Action Plans to maintain the catalogue for items not on shelf and not on loan (for example Non Returned, Disputed Returns, Missing).
Ongoing maintenance tool to maximise effectiveness of EBSM toolset.