Targets & Parameters

The EBSM methodology focuses on making improvements towards targets that are set for library collection performance KPIs (the EBSM KPIs).

Each KPI is based on a number of parameters which help staff identify when a target has been reached – for example a target for the ‘Dead Items’ KPI might be that no more than 20% of items on shelves should be dead, and the parameter that defines dead items is 180 days of non issue.

It is crucial within the methodology that each of targets (and associated parameters) can be set individually for specific library collections (for example Book Fiction, DVD Fiction, Talking Book Fiction etc), and can also be tailored individually for each branch within a library system – meaning that a deep hierarchy of individual targets (and associated parameters) will ultimately be created and maintained. Without the ability to define targets to this level of granularity, a tailored adoption of EBSM that drives performance improvement towards Excellence just wouldn’t be possible.