Welcome, Thomas Ford Memorial Library!

Thomas Ford Memorial Library

Welcome, Thomas Ford Memorial Library!

We are delighted to announce that Thomas Ford Memorial Library has subscribed to collectionHQ, the world leading collection management system,

Thomas Ford Memorial Library was originally built in honor of Thomas Albert Ford, a local builder who died in 1928 following an accident on the New York subway. Visitors to the library will notice decorative carvings that adorn the façade, highlighting its connection to the publishing industry, a tip of the hat to all authors and more.

The team at collectionHQ is focused on helping the library to optimize circulation of materials by implementing the evidence-based toolset that will save time, maximize funds, and accelerate collection improvements. As a collectionHQ subscriber they also get access to our comprehensive DEI Analysis tool, allowing Thomas Ford Memorial Library to analyze their collection and compare it against industry standard DEI topics to ensure a more inclusive and diverse collection that reflects their community.

Thomas Ford Memorial Library joins the hundreds of libraries worldwide that subscribe to collectionHQ to effectively analyze detailed trends and metrics about how their collection is performing. With collectionHQ’s action plans, librarians can take steps to improve their collection, increasing turnover and aligning the collection with local demand.

If you want to save time, save money and improve performance you can contact us here.


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