Welcome, Eastern Shore Regional Library!

Welcome, Eastern Shore Regional Library! 


We are delighted to announce that Eastern Shore Regional Library has subscribed to our DEI tool, allowing them to analyze their collection against industry accepted DEI topics.


The Eastern Shore Regional Library is a consortium that serves 8 county library systems on the Marylands Eastern Shore:  They are Caroline County Public Library, Dorchester County Public Library, Kent County Public Library, Queen Anne’s County Library, Somerset County Library, Talbot County Free Library, Wicomico County Libraries, and Worcester County Library.


Our DEI tool is available to both collectionHQ customers and to those want it as stand-alone product. It’s primarily used to monitor the collection and ensure it is representative of the community at large.


Eastern Shore Regional Library joins the hundreds of libraries worldwide that subscribe to collectionHQ, or to our individual tools, to effectively analyze detailed trends and metrics about how their collection is performing, and how it can better reflect the needs of their community.


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