collectionHQ Update V6.10

At collectionHQ, we are proud to provide the very best tools for effective collection management to our customers. Our team of in-house developers have been working hard on a recent update that will make it even easier for busy librarians to use collectionHQ to help them save time, save money, and improve collection performance.

One of the ways we determine which updates to implement is by talking to our customers. That lets us know what will make the biggest difference to our users. The updates below all came from feedback that our customers have given us recently.

Barcodes Added to Excel Export

One of the most significant updates that we’ve made is the addition of barcodes to the Excel export feature. This will allow you to display barcodes in an Action Plan and export them as scannable images within the spreadsheet. This new feature is designed to save you time by enabling you to scan the barcodes in the Excel document, either on the screen or as a printout.

DEI Self Classification

We’ve also added a new feature that allows you to self-classify DEI materials by ISBN. This will enable you to classify your DEI titles across both physical and digital (eBook) formats. This feature is available for bulk classification via the uploading of an ISBN file.

Fiction Summary Reporting

We’ve added an extra level of summary reporting to our Fiction Grubby Items Summary Report and Fiction Dead Items Summary Report. This will give you a breakdown of your collections, matching their non-fiction counterparts.


Discovery – Improved Navigation of Item Detail Page

We have added navigation controls in the Item Detail View of Discovery that allow you to proceed to the next or previous item without using the list on the left of the screen. We have also included a number reference to easily identify where in the Discovery list you are.

Miscellaneous Tab Improvement

We’ve added a ‘Latest Version Updates’ section in the Administration Module that covers release notes for collectionHQ updates. This allows you to reference when changes are made and what is included in those changes.


Swap List

An item that is being transferred elsewhere within your system will no longer be suggested for a Swap List. This will help ensure that your materials are where you need them to be.

We’re grateful for the feedback that we’ve received from our customers, which has helped us to make these important updates. Our in-house development team has worked tirelessly to ensure that these new features meet your needs and exceed your expectations. At collectionHQ, we are committed to helping you work more efficiently and effectively, and we hope that these updates will do just that.

Please note that all of the above changes are present in collectionHQ.

cHQlite users will notice they have barcodes in Excel, the fiction summary reporting level and miscellaneous tab changes present in their application.

Standalone DEI Analysis users will have access to scannable barcodes in Excel.

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