New to collectionHQ and cHQlite!

We are delighted to announce the latest updates to collectionHQ and cHQlite.  

By working closely with our library customers, we have identified ways to enhance collectionHQ and cHQlite action plans that make it easier for you to improve your library collection. 

Updates include: 

  • Introduction of “Core Items” to avoid the removal of key material during weeding processes (for example, books about local history). 
  • Enhancements to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Analysis. 
  • A new level of insight is now accessible from summary reports, so that you can take action to make improvements instantly.  

Current customers should contact their dedicated collectionHQ or cHQlite representative for more information about these enhancements. 

If you do not currently subscribe to one of our leading products, please contact us to learn how we can help you to make measurable and community-driven improvements to your library collection. 

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