Meet Deanna!

Meet Deanna Lechman! Prior to joining collectionHQ in March 2023, Deanna worked in libraries for just shy of 20 years, bringing a wealth of experience to our team. She is based in sunny California and her local library is the Contra Costa County Library.

Learn about Deanna’s favorite memories of the library and how she continues to champion libraries in her role as Customer Success Manager at collectionHQ.


Hey Deanna! As a former librarian who now continues to work daily with libraries at collectionHQ, you must love being surrounded by books. Which one is your favorite?

I don’t have just one! I love a good Golden Age Mystery or revisiting classics like The Phantom Tollbooth or A Wrinkle in Time.

When you’re not reading, what else do you like to do in your spare time?

I have a couple of projects I am working on. I love trying new things. My next big project is to refurbish an old library catalog unit into a wine cabinet.

Fantastic, you know we love to give old library material new life here at collectionHQ!

What do you love most about working with libraries?

I love helping fellow librarians develop and maintain collections, so that every reader finds their book.

Tell us about your happiest memory of the library.

My favorite memory is walking the stacks of my local library as a kid.  I loved the idea of having so many options and finding my next perfect book.

We’re a close-knit team here at collectionHQ, even though we work all over the world. What is one thing we would never guess about you?

I am a pretty open book (no pun intended!) People might be surprised to learn that I can’t spell myself out of a paper bag, yet I love doing crossword puzzles.

Finally, what would you title your biography?

What a long, strange trip it has been.

Very poignant. Thanks for chatting with us today, Deanna.

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