collectionHQ Announces Pioneering Enhancement to Transform Collection Management

GLASGOW, Scotland, April 24, 2024—collectionHQ, the leading data analytics solution for libraries, has announced a new feature that will provide a clear, evidence-based recommendation for every item in a library’s collection to optimize collection management.

collectionHQ analyzes data from the library management system to deliver a comprehensive set of action plans that support all aspects of collection management – including deselection, identifying outdated material, moving items to new library locations, and improving the inclusivity of the collection.

For the first time, data from all of these action plans will be collated to display a recommended action for each book in the library’s collection with a clear reason for the recommendation – such as whether the item is outdated, DEI, a core item, overused, dead or in an understocked/overstocked collection. With valuable input and consultation from collectionHQ’s esteemed customers and in-house team of librarians, this change will transform the collection management process for library staff who can now scan any item from the shelf and automatically learn what to do with it.

Amandeep Kochar, President and CEO of Baker & Taylor, collectionHQ’s parent company, explained, “It is our goal to provide librarians with the tools that make it easier to deliver a vibrant, community-driven collection. The amount of detail delivered by collectionHQ about a library’s collection is extensive, so we want to bring that insight together to support quick and confident decisions when carrying out collection management activities. We are positive that this enhancement is going to save our customers time and help them do more with the breadth of powerful data provided by collectionHQ.”

Libraries that subscribe to collectionHQ can take advantage of this new feature now.

About collectionHQ

collectionHQ is the leading provider of collection performance improvement solutions, based on the proven Evidence Based Stock Management (EBSM™) methodology. Easy to implement, simple to use and extremely cost-effective, collectionHQ delivers repeatable performance improvements for library collections by providing evidence-based analysis, advice and performance monitoring of all collections across all media. It helps libraries to save money by improving use of existing inventory and supporting evidence-based purchasing. collectionHQ improves collection performance by analyzing demand and suggesting action plans on how to address this demand – improving the quality of service, demonstrating best value and improving local marketing. collectionHQ is owned by Baker & Taylor, the world’s largest distributor of physical and digital books and entertainment products.

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