collectionHQ Announces New Partner Libraries Program

GLASGOW, Scotland, March 6th, 2024 – collectionHQ, the leading provider of library collection management solutions, has today announced a new collaboration with several partner libraries to further develop the award-winning Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Analysis software.

DEI Analysis uses unique technology that collects information from various sources, including Library of Congress, BISAC, and Collection Development Librarians at Baker & Taylor, to identify diverse titles in a library’s collection. This analysis then helps librarians evaluate how inclusive their collection is and where improvements can be made to better represent diverse communities.

The Partner Libraries Program aims to improve the quality of this output by seeking expert insights from a community of librarians worldwide. Feedback and classification data from the partner libraries will be taken into consideration when determining the books that should be identified as DEI. Partner libraries will also be invited to provide their suggestions for enhancements and new DEI topics to improve the diversity of communities represented in the analysis.

To ensure the accuracy of DEI Analysis, partner libraries were carefully selected based on how closely their classification of DEI material matched the evidence-based findings from collectionHQ’s data sources.

The partner libraries include Bolton Libraries (U.K.), Indianapolis Public Library (U.S.A.), Medway Libraries (U.K.), Oak Park Public Library (U.S.A.), San Francisco Public Library (U.S.A.) and Te Ao Mārama – Tauranga City Libraries (New Zealand).

Deb Lambert, Chief Collection Management Officer at the Indianapolis Public Library, said, “IndyPL is pleased to participate in the Partner Libraries Program, to share classification of DEI content from its Center for Black Literature and Culture, which has older holdings to supplement collectionHQ’s DEI analysis data. We greatly appreciate the value of the DEI analysis tool, which allows us to have evidence-based conversations with our constituents and community leaders, and we find the participation of other partner libraries with specialty collections creates an even more robust tool.”

Barbara Fitzgerald, Manager of Collections and Bibliographic Services at the Oak Park Public Library, commented, “I am delighted to share my enthusiasm for collectionHQ’s DEI Analysis tool and express the Oak Park Public Library’s commitment to the Partner Libraries Program. Given the pivotal role that libraries play in fostering inclusive communities, the DEI Analysis tool acts as a key collaborator, offering a multitude of benefits.

The tool empowers libraries with data-driven insights, enabling us to comprehensively assess the diversity within our collection. Leveraging this analysis ensures that our resources resonate with our community members, enhancing user satisfaction and reflecting our dedication to serving all members of our community equitably.

Furthermore, the DEI Analysis tool enables us to pinpoint gaps in representation within our collection. This information informs our decisions when curating collections, guaranteeing that our library remains a vibrant reflection of our community. Essentially, the tool acts as a catalyst for building a more inclusive and culturally responsive collection.

The decision to join the Partner Libraries Program was an easy one for the library, fueled by the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded institutions dedicated to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in library services. I am particularly excited about the collaborative learning opportunities within the program. Together, we can continue the journey of creating inclusive library spaces that foster a sense of belonging for all.”

Amandeep Kochar, President and CEO of Baker & Taylor, collectionHQ’s parent company, explained, “Identifying material in library collections as diverse, equitable or inclusive can be subjective. That’s why the teams at collectionHQ and Baker & Taylor have conducted extensive research to establish a broad range of data sources to improve the accuracy of our DEI Analysis solution. Now, by involving a team of librarians who represent different communities across the world in this process, we can better ensure that regional variations are accounted for. This is just the beginning, as we plan to leverage the wider collectionHQ community to enhance our DEI offering by introducing more crowdsourcing techniques.”


About collectionHQ

collectionHQ is the leading collection performance improvement solution, based on the proven Evidence Based Stock Management (EBSM™) methodology. Easy to implement, simple to use and extremely cost-effective, collectionHQ delivers repeatable performance improvements for library collections by providing evidence-based analysis, advice and performance monitoring of all collections across all media. It helps libraries to save money by improving use of existing inventory and supporting evidence-based purchasing. collectionHQ improves collection performance by analyzing demand and suggesting action plans on how to address this demand – improving the quality of service, demonstrating best value and improving local marketing. collectionHQ is owned by Baker & Taylor, the world’s largest distributor of physical and digital books and entertainment products.


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