Twinsburg Public Library, OH

Vendor Selection at Phoenix Public Library, AZ

Vendor Selection takes place when a library chooses to outsource the selection process to suppliers. Librarians who use this technique create profiles listing the materials required at their library which are then sent to the vendor. Using the profiles, vendor selectors can ensure that the library receives the right quantities of current and forthcoming items
which meet those criteria and are within the library’s budget.

Lexington Public Library, KY

Lexington Public Library, KY, consists of a downtown central library and 5 full service branches. Serving a population of 305,000, the library has a book budget of $1.6 million and circulates 575,491 items.

Wyndham City Library Service, VIC

Wyndham City Library Service runs 4 branch libraries and serves a population of over 150,000. Maintaining the collection at a high standard efficiently across the system was a challenge using Library Management System (LMS/ILS) reporting alone and so the library subscribed to collectionHQ in March 2012 to provide analysis of the collection and to provide action plans to drive continued performance improvements.

Worthington Libraries, OH

Worthington Libraries is a 3 branch library system serving a population of over 60,000. Maintaining a high standard of collection to meet the needs of patrons has always been a priority for staff and the library started subscribing to collectionHQ in 2012 to support this objective.