Versions supported by collectionHQ

Microsoft® Internet Explorer®If you use Internet Explorer, we recommend:
• Using the latest available version
• Applying Microsoft software updates
• That you do not enable the Compatibility View feature
(Please note, older versions of IE and those which are no longer supported by Microsoft may not fully function with collectionHQ).
Mozilla® Firefox®If you use Firefox, we recommend:
• Using the most recent stable version
• Firefox updates are applied
Google Chrome™If you use Google Chrome, we recommend:
• Using the most recent stable version
• Google Chrome updates are applied
Microsoft® OfficeTo benefit from the range of exports that collectionHQ has to offer, we recommend using recent versions of Microsoft® Office. collectionHQ does not support Microsoft® Office 2003 or versions preceding 2003.

collectionHQ requires JavaScript and cookies to be enabled.
collectionHQ requires screen resolutions of 1024 x 768 and higher.


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