Insight Newsletter

Insight February 2017

In this edition, we share a guest blog from Matt Smith at Kalamazoo Public Library, MI about “Conservative Weeding”; we share Top Charts of forthcoming titles in Adult & Juvenile Fiction and Non-Fiction; and we review the latest Product News from collectionHQ.

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Conservative Weeding Isn’t Crazy: The Almost Dead Experiment by Matt Smith, Kalamazoo Public Library

  What’s a rational weeding philosophy? When is a book really dead? 6 months? 2 years? 4 years? More importantly: how do we know? Progressive, cool libraries stick to a 180 day weeding target, while old, stodgy libraries pile books to the rafters (’cause hey . . . we got the space). And some libraries hate weeding so … Continued


Introducing “My Dashboard”


We have added some exciting new features to the collectionHQ Dashboard:

My Dashboard:

Pull charts and graphs that show detail relevant to you from the main Dashboard into “My Dashboard”. Automate exports of your Dashboard to send to staff and management at regular intervals by making use of the “Share My Dashboard” functionality.

Dead on Arrival:

With the enhanced DOA chart, users can now identify the branches and collections with the highest percentage of dead items then take action to reduce this number with the new DOA Action Plan.

Watch video demonstrations of these new features in Academy.

Directors' Digest Newsletter

Directors’ Digest

In this edition of Directors’ Digest, we explore the ways in which public libraries are applying demand to guide selection, feature an interview with Garrett Erickson from Mead Public Library, review how to get more from existing material, and much more.

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Insight Newsletter

Insight November 2016

Download this edition of Insight for information about our latest webinars, the top forthcoming titles predicted by ESP and the November Customer Success Story from Greenwood Public Library, Indiana, U.S.A.

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