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Evidence Based Stock Management - the world-leading library collection performance improvement methodology.

Librarians who implement the highly practical EBSM methodology consistently save time and money while improving the performance of their collection and aligning it with their local demand.

EBSM is a complete methodology for Collection Performance Improvement which assists librarians in making the management of the collection more effective, more customer focused, less wasteful, more measured and performance based.

Pioneered over the last 20 years by George Kerr, library consultant for Bridgeall Libraries, EBSM evolved from George's own dissatisfaction with having to purchase new material and plan material movement with totally inadequate data.

The repeatable EBSM framework that has evolved to address this uses data from a Library Service's own ILS database along with local target setting as its evidence base. The power of the methodology comes from the EBSM toolset which uses this evidence base to perform complex comparisons between the locally set targets and the current situation, and then to provide a series of action plans to help drive performance towards targets.

EBSM today is practiced by many Library Services internationally, who are now able to demonstrate superior collection performance and realize the many time and money saving benefits that come from an evidence based improvement framework, and more importantly deliver the improvements in collection development to meet ever increasing customer demands., the authoritative guide to EBSM, charts the history of its development through to today, and contains a detailed walkthrough of the principles of the methodology. also acts as the definitive guide to commercial EBSM solutions and training courses available.

> Please click HERE to download a data sheet on EBSM.